Impaired Driving

I’m packing my bags getting ready to go over to my best friend Georgia’s house. I’m already 30 minutes late and my phone begins to ring. In my head I’m thinking that it’s probably just Georgia wondering where I am, so for the moment I decide to just ignore the call.


Big mistake.


As I continue packing, my phone goes off three more times. I finally decide to answer and see what’s going on.


“Finally, you answer!” Georgia yelled. “I’m sorry I’m running so behind!” I replied.


“You haven’t heard have you?” Georgia said solemnly.

“Georgia are you okay? What’s going on?”


It’s strange, when someone says these words, our minds go straight to the worst things that could ever happen in life.


“Sara was getting her hair done for…”


Sara Stokes was our favorite dance teacher. She taught us both since the age of 3 and we were both now 7 at the time.


“Yes, I know she was getting her hair done for production… what about it?” I cut in.


Georgia’s voice cracked just then, and I could just picture her face as she then said, “A drunk driver flipped her car.”


It’s irritating how we watch all these commercials and deaths happen over and over again on the news yet people still think ‘it’s okay this once if I get behind the wheel of a car while under the influence of alcohol or drugs’.


Is a life worth a couple beers? Could you not spend $15-$10 for a cab or Uber home?


Sadly, in 2017 according to the the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration 10,497 people died in an alcohol-impaired accident.


That’s a real punch in the gut, yet still it doesn’t stop, the number only keeps rising.


In 2007, Sara Stokes was another one of the helpless drivers that year who got added to the list of deaths occurring from drunken driving.


Sara Stokes fought hard with multiple injuries to her head, spine and legs but was taken a couple days later after the accident. Sara will forever be a role model of mine as she showed me how to fight, love and hold passion. I will never forget the moment I was told Sara was in heaven and to this day I pass Sara’s legacy on. Not only through dance but through my love for others.


I have always told my family and friends that I am just one call away, at anytime of day or night. From the young age of 7 I learned the importance of driving sober, and I will continue to share my positive influence to drive sober with others.


Still today children are waking up in the morning without their parents are siblings ever coming back home.


Human lives are worth so much more than a drunk drive home.

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