John Bryon Saw



When you visit John Saw in the middle of a sunny afternoon, you should expect to be casually welcomed with opened arms!

When you first arrive at John’s house he will most likely be in his yard lost somewhere mowing the lawn, weeding or watering his plants. It’s very impressing, since it’s not everyday you get to see an 80-year-old man mowing, weeding and watering his almost an acres worth of grass with a bright shiny smile.

Once you arrive at the front door of the Saw’s house you will be immediately welcomed inside the house where the rooms are filled with the smell of sweet coffee, antiques that take you way back, and pictures swarming the walls, and cats running wild and free.

Before you even get the chance to assume you’re hungry or thirsty John will offer you his famous ‘John Saw tuna fish sandwich and sun tea combo.’ And with that name nobody can resist.

Outside on the porch you can stand and feel the utter beauty all around, surrounding John’s house is the gorgeous work that John and his wife, Donna have put in over 35 years of work. Vivid colored flowers and plants drip out everywhere, birds chirp sweet songs and John’s voice fills the atmosphere with proud and humble thoughts beaming from his eyes, and smile.

It’s no secret that John and his wife, Donna have created an atmosphere that drips pure beauty.

And it most certainly is not a secret that John Saw is a very proud war veteran, grandfather of 10 who’s been happily married to his beautiful wife for 55 years.

John was drafted into the army when he was just 18 years old, where he fought in the Korean War for three years. John loves telling people about his journey over to Korea on the troopship and about his arrival where he and his fellow troops found themselves sleeping in five men tents, waiting and praying for it to rain so they could take a bath.

And while you would expect this to sound dreadful and all sorts of miserable, John tells these Korean War  stories with a great humor and pride.

It wasn’t until John returned to the states where he got run over by a tank, totally crushing his right kneecap. After this horrific event John was discharged from the army 3 months later where he claims  began the best part of his life, creating and building a life with his precious wife Donna.

John and Donna have been married for 55 years, in this marriage you will find bickering, lots of yard work, QVC, Pepsi, cats… lots and lots of cats, family, endless love, and more family.

John and Donna are the parents to four children, Robyn their oldest child, Rodger and Ryan who are their fraternal twins that both took after the role of their dad becoming a financial advisor in the army and lieutenant. And their youngest Renee who works with her sister Robyn at the same dental office.

John and Donna moved to Albany, Oregon  in 1972, where almost all of their children were raised in the same house they live in today. The children say, “the house really hasn’t changed much, and even if it did the memories will never die.”

When you ask John how he has been able to be married for 55 years, and maintain a yard so well for so long at the heaping age of 80-years-old he just smiles and says,

“Because of her.”  

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