Week 4

The person I have chosen to do a profile on is, John Saw.

I will observe John in his several acres of yard he maintains, while also observing him inside his home.

I will use his wife, neighbor, and grandchildren as sources.

I will ask John about,

  1. Why he doesn’t know his birthday
  2. How he ended up in Albany, OR
  3. About his family
  4. Being a war veteran
  5. How he has at the age of 88 maintained several acres of yard


John Saw has not had the easiest, safest, journey of life but because of that he has perspired. John Saw is a war veteran who was run over by a tank, a dad to two girls and twin boys, a grandfather to 10 grandchildren, married to his wife for 50+ years, maintains a garden/yard several acres long, and doesn’t have any records to show proof of when he was born, or drafted into the army for his files got burnt up during war. Though don’t let any of that fool you, John Saw is the most funniest, lively character you will ever meet!

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