Week 3

After writing my feature story on, “Campus Ambassadors” I contacted Stephanie Pace to ask what her thoughts were on the story and she expressed nonetheless than gratitude! Stephanie Pace, was not only expressing gratitude, but excitement that this writing has the full potential to pull in new students to the club! I thankfully wasn’t told by Stephanie Pace that I had made any errors, though I myself did see a couple… or you could say many! (grammar and APA styling errors that is!) The goal I have made for myself to improve my story is too keep rereading it over and over again to catch new errors or new angles while also passing this story along to others to hear and receive their critiques and feedback!

For my review I have chosen to write about a book by Gilly Macmillan, “What She Knew.” I am excited to know 2 Linn Benton Community students who have read this book that have accepted to give me their review of the book while I also have chosen to include reviews from outside sources, like New York Times and the Amazon Review.

Here is a rough draft of what my NUT GRAPH will look like!

“What She Knew,” is a New-York Times Bestseller, and deserves nonetheless than that title. But it doesn’t stop there, “What She Knew” is also recognized as a worldwide best seller. Both Tressa Glasser, Brooke Donahue, and myself, local community members here at LBCC, can attest for this story being, “thrilling, marvelous, beyond well thought out, intriguing, mind blowing, sad, and satisfying.” This is a MUST READ.

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