Ask Yourself

One evening

when you forget me

ask yourself,


the mistakes you’ve granted upon yourself.



do I believe who I am becoming?


Recognize you have closed all doors for others to flourish around you.


Though reconcile that,

you allow for other thoughts to make a slow comings inside your



Ask yourself,

is it the hate or love that has driven you solo?


Anticipate what difference it would even make,


Love and hate- don’t they feel the same?


You’ll find a way to listen this time around, not only to yourself but your selfish doubt.


The forgotten memory of ourselves will soon become one.


You know these thoughts are alive,

You’ve fought hard to hold them sacred.


You have developed an avoidance only you can bear.

What you, yourself says, is not still within what your heart says.


One morning,

When you wake without me,

Ask yourself

Poem by:

Makayla XOXOX


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