Leaven worth Adventure

Guess who’s traveling again! I know it’s only been 4 weeks since my last out of town adventure but I’m always ready for a new one. Incase you were wondering I am not there yet, I still have 3 hours in the car till I get to my destination. I’m so excited to get there, but as I wait to arrive I am educating myself and would like to bring you along for the ride.

So on this weeks adventure I am traveling to Leavenworth, which a small Danish town near to Wenatchee. Too be exact Leavenworth actually reflects a Bavarian village, but it wasn’t always a themed town. In 1906 it was officially incorporated Into Washington, and it wasn’t until 1965, 63 years later, that it transformed into a quaint little town that inspires magic for the holidays. Some interesting historical facts about Leavenworth, is that it is home to the nutcracker museum. The museum was built in 1995 and contains more then 5000 nutcrackers dating from prehistoric to modern models. It was also named the Ultimate Holiday Town. From the annual Christmas tree lighting to the Leavenworth reindeer farm, there is always so much to do during the holidays in the little danish town full of magic.

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