Portland Adventure

Hello to my two best friends and anyone else who decided to read this. I just had an amazing weekend, so of course I had to tell you all about it!!

Sitting at home on a Friday night, I got an invitation to go to the Portland night market. Not knowing what it was I agreed to go. It was so vibrant and alive, which was not what I was expecting at all. Straight away when you walk in you can see many different booths, but with all the twists and turns we ended up stepping out into an array of food carts. There were so many different exotic smells, my favorite was the hot chocolate. When I walked past the booth I got an intense feeling of Christmas, I wish I could stay in that spot forever. But I couldn’t, there were so many more amazing foods around me I wanted to experience as well. I did end up getting hot chocolate as well as kettle corn, which was made right in front of my eyed in a huge kettle. I could hear the sizzle of the butter, and the popping of the kernels.

After exploring the food trucks we decided to venture back inside and wander around the market. At first glance it looks like a regular market place, but once you look closer you can see each and every booth is unique in its own way. As we weaved in and out of the crowd catching glimpses of all the amazing goods, something caught my eye. I saw a booth with unusual cat toys, and of coursing being a crazy cat lady I had to get one! After purchasing m items, and finishing walking round the market we decided to leave.

By the time we finished everything and got outside, it was only 9. I was thinking to myself ‘I wish the night wasn’t over so soon.’ And right as I was done having that thought, I remembered Omsi sometimes puts on laser light shows in their planetarium. I ended up checking the sight and saw they were putting on a Pink Floyd laser light show at 9:30! So of course we decided to go, and while I wasn’t allowed to take pictures or videos…. I did it anyways!

Meilleurs vœux


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