The final stretch to… Christmas!!!

Is it too soon to greet you by saying… merry christmas?

Of course not!!! MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!!

I really shouldn’t be here writing this… I have many other essays & homework assignments to be writing for school right now but its just so hard with christmas right around the corner. Though… I can get through this week of long, tedious presentations, finals, essays and projects because it’s my last week of winter term!! Which means, I get a month off to celebrate and enjoy the best time of year, christmas! Ladies and gentleman I have made it to the home stretch to christmas!!! 

Now, after reading Lily’s write up about christmas it made me realize I need to do the same! & I just had to do this before I could even think about finishing up any of my school work.

For me, Christmas is the most extraordinary time of year. It’s about love, hot cocoa, the hallmark Christmas movies, family, friends, the cold crisp air, the warm & blazing fireplaces, fuzzy socks & comfy pajamas, that endless hope for snow, Christmas music, peppermint candy cans, decorating the house for Christmas, the sweet smell of gingerbread candles, my grandmas house, eating too many baked goods, the smell of Christmas trees, holiday shopping, the streets lit up, & most of all the reason for the season of giving & joy, the birth of Jesus Christ.

Reflecting back on all my Christmas memories brings the biggest smile to my face, I don’t know what it is about Christmas but it creates this unfailing feeling of love & joy. Especially this year. The fact that I know I get another Christmas spent with my whole family, especially my grandpa, brings me so much joy. My heart is so full of gratefulness & love.

Now… I need to go finish up all my homework, essays & presentations so that I can be stress free & indulge into my favorite time of year CHRISTMAS.

Be back Soon, XOXOXO



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