I’m back!!!

I first need to sincerely apologize… I have totally been MIA for like months 😦 But who cares because… this girl is BACK!

To be completely honest the past couple months have been absolutely crazy. I could write a trilogy about the past week alone!!! Here’s just a glimpse of what I’ve encountered, lets start with the fact I started my second year of college, I’ve began my second year of coaching my very own dance team, began pushing myself even harder in the gym while also creating an even more healthy version of myself emotionally, physically, spiritually and mentally, & let me just say i’ve been kicking booty at this! Going on… I had also run into some ‘love’ stuff (BLAAA) but who hasn’t?? My grandpa found out only 20% of his heart is functioning, though super sad and stressful on my family & I we are so blessed and grateful for the grace of God, and for the strength He has given my grandpa, while all this is happening I’m also working two jobs, though I do not view them as ‘jobs,’ I am beyond thankful to work at such amazing places, (I teach dance classes… but thats already been mentioned, & I am a receptionist at a salon & spa) going even further…  my boyfriend recently moved away, its only an hours drive but still I was use to seeing him EVERYDAY!!! Going off of that I just have to add everyone I get close to leaves me… first georgia & lily… at the same time if I must add & then now my boyfriend, like what the heck is wrong with me people?? On a happier note I just got back from visiting my TWO best friends Georgia & Lily… but you already knew that 😉

Okay, so now that you have a very small glimpse of what my life has looked like the past couple months… & all I can say at this point is I don’t know if I will ever recuperate from all this but all in all I wouldn’t change this crazy life of mine for anything!! First off my trip to Arizona, then to Vegas, & then back to Arizona again (keeping in mind I woke up & left at 3am on thursday and came back sunday night) was… well, FAST, yet EXHILARATING yet EXHAUSTING!!! & though it took every ounce of energy from me I want to already go back to those long days & even longer nights with my best friends Georgia & Lily… Okay so my point of bringing this up again was to make it clear that this trip alone will take me years to recuperate from.

I know this blog post was a lot of nothing, but I needed to let you know.. or guess maybe nobody at all know, that I am sincerely sorry about being MIA, while also letting you know what I’ve been up to so you don’t think I just blew this off, because trust me that was not my intention!!! I am beyond thankful that I found the inspo to write to you all again & I owe it all to my bestie Lily.

Anyways, I’ll be back later tonight to write to you about my workout and dinner (something that is actually, hopefully worth reading) so I can hopefully give you some inspo to kick some booty in the gym and create a healthier and happier version of yourself!!! (I am no WAY near a ‘fitness’ role model or whatever you would call those people I’m just trying to live my best life while also help others to do the same!)

Be Back Soon,

XOXOXO Makayla

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