The last day!! – overall

Today was my last day in Vegas, and my last day to hang out with my two best friends, and it was honestly so much fun!!

The first thing we did, besides getting ready, was we went to New York New York and had some Starbucks, and of course I got a birthday cake, cake pop. We went to the M&M store… and omg there are at least a million M&M’s at all times. It was so crazy!!! It looks like New York inside, well besides the casino. My mom gambled for me, well…. Okay, so this is what happened. My mom, Makayla, Georgia, found an Alice I Wonderland slot machine, and if you know me you know I LOVE Alice in Wonderland. It is one of my favorite movies from my childhood and when I saw the machine I instantly knew I had to play. So, my mom sat down and but a dollar in, and started playing. Now Georgia, Makayla, and I stood around the slot machine and watched my mom play… until we decided to get involved and we started picking what button to push, but a drink girl came over and told us we weren’t old enough to play, which we though the legal gambling age was 18 but turns out its 21 because they serve drinks. Which sucked, because we were doing good, and I ended up getting 28$

After all that we ended up deciding to head back to our hotel and packing up the car to get ready to leave. But we still had about 4 hours before we had to head to the airport, so of course we had to go to Circus Circus. The thing about Circus Circus, is not only is it a hotel, and there’s a casino, but it’s also for kids! There are carnival games on the second floor, and they are so much fun. So, we all played some carnival games, and had a really good time… but let me tell you, driving your own car has its disadvantages, the reason being in PARKING! It was completely packed, so we had to drive all the way up to level 5. The only reason I am telling you this is because the speedbumps SUCKED. The speedbumps were so awful I am actually writing about it. My mom even said I should include how horrible the speedbumps were, it was like going over a small mountain… they’re not little either; It’s not like it flows with the road, it’s basically like going over a curb every time. Other than those ridiculous speedbumps I had a really good time. But sadly, our day had to come to an end because it was time to head to the airport…

Getting home was an adventure all on its own. So, we got to the airport at 4 pm, because our flight was at 5, so I had to say goodbye to my two best friends and try to get home. Well we didn’t end up making it, but that was okay because there was a 7 a clock flight… well we didn’t end up making that either. So, at this point our option was wait till the 9 a clock flight which was over booked, or rent a hotel and try in the morning. Those flights in the morning looked worse so we ended up staying, but we had 2 hours to do nothing, and the Vegas airport is small, and boring. We did end up walking down to the other end of the airport and ended up getting really expensive food, which wasn’t even satisfying. But at this point I didn’t care about the crap food, or being bored… I just wanted to get home. And 9 a clock rolled around, slowly, but it happened and we made it on the flight. Which was also miserable, but at least we were heading home… well to Seattle because the flights to Portland were also over booked. So my mom’s boyfriend, Shawn, offered to drive up and pick us up in Seattle and drive us back home, which was a 3 hour drive both ways. And thank goodness, he did, because we got home around 3am, but if we stayed in Seattle we wouldn’t have even gotten home until 9 am.
Overall it was an amazing trip. I got to see my two best friends, and see an amazing concert. I won some money, and got some really amazing gifts. It was honestly one of my best birthdays ever and I couldn’t have thought of anything better.

Meilleurs voeux


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