Day 2 – Overall

It was an amazing birthday!! I can’t believe I spent my 17th birthday with my mom and my two best friends in Vegas, and I went to a Cher concert.

In the morning I got so many great gifts from my two best friends, and then we got ready and listened to Rihanna. I ended up doing everyone’s makeup! But, I mean we all looked good. After we got ready we headed out go to the strip, but ended up walking down a side street, and I remember makayla saying “Is this the strip? It feels like the strip… I’m strutting!!” And we all laughed. We got this ice cream that was shaped like a rose it was so pretty!! Then we just walked around Vegas and went to all the casinos!

Throughout the cosmopolitan hotel is this huge chandelier, I mean there is crystals everywhere, there is even crystals inside the walls. Granted they’re all fake, but it still looks so cool!! It’s one of my favorite hotels because of this…

Another one of my favorite hotels is the Venetian. It’s so so so beautiful! I believe it is supposed to represent Rome, it a place like it. But the detail they go into to make these hotels are insane!!

I didn’t take a lot of pictures of the Paris hotel, but this is where we had (really good) lunch.

The flamingo is one of the original hotels. All the windows are pink, and there is actual flamingos at the hotel. I didn’t get any good pictures, but there’s tons of them. They’re so beautiful… and pink!!

This is the side street that we walked down, it has so many cool shops, and makayla was strutting her stuff! We didn’t ride he Ferris wheel, because I did last time I was here, it the view is so amazing! You can see all of Vegas from the top.

And lastly, these were just some cool pictures I took through the day…

Meilleurs voeux


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