Day 2 – Good Morning

Good morning!! I’m sitting in this little window seat lookin out at Vegas, and it’s so beautiful! Even during the day!

I woke up to so many amazing birthday messages from my family, it made me so happy and I felt so special to have so many amazing people in my life! I couldn’t have wishes for anything else.

So, day two, my birthday. I have no idea what we’re doing today honestly. I’m kinda nervous, because my mom said she had a surprise activity planned for me, and I obviously have no idea what it is!!! So we’re going to do that, and maybe go shopping and take pictures. I don’t know, besides the surprise I don’t know what the plan is. GUYS! Okay I was just finishing up the post, and I found out my mom told me there’s TWO surprises! I’m so excited!!

So that’s just the beginning of day two! And so far I love it. I’m really excited for the surprise, and to be able to talk to my other family members. I’m going to go my birthday breakfast, I’ll blog more later in the day!!

Meilleurs voeux


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