Day 1 – overall

So it’s day one in vegas… well technically hour 5, not even close to a day, but that’s okay.

First off, the plane ride, it was amazing!!! Like I know it’s just a plane ride, but I sat next to my mom and we basically laughed the ENTIRE flight. We did listen to some music, and play some games, but basically we talked and it was so fun. The view from the plane, also amazing. Flying over Vegas is so gorgeous!! I couldn’t take any picture but it was beautiful. There were cities scattered around the desert, and they were so lit up and beautiful, but the desert itself was black as night and looked like a beautiful sea of darkness. It was almost like the cities were the islands and the desert was the ocean. Anyways, the plane is coming into land, and OMG I could see the strip. It was beautiful and so lit up, it was like one big beautiful light show. Now, I couldn’t take any pictures because the plane windows are so scratched you could barley make out anything past the marks. But it was amazing, and I wish you could see it for yourself.

As we get of the plane, right in the middle of the airport is some slot machines, and neon signs, and flashing lights. And it basically screamed !!!!!VEGAS!!!!! It was magical. Anyways, we get in out Uber (first time Uber use for me… SO awkward!!) and we arrive at the hotel, which is amazing btw!!! It’s the Montecarlo, it’s not the most well known hotel, but it’s not lacking. It’s beautiful!!! And we walk up to the front desk, and no other customers were there, which is strange because there’s always a huge line of people. So it was fast, and we got placed on the 24th floor. AMAZING!! If you know me, you should know that’s like the best thing ever! Because I love being up high, plus the view we got was also incredible!

These are just a few of the pictures from room, the flowers are from the lobby, but they’re also amazing!

Anyways, we just settled in and did our thing, freshened up a bit, and then headed off to go find food. We ended up eating at the shake shack, which was so delicious, and we sat outside, listened to some good music and laughed. There was a few pictures we took of the New York New York place, it’s so pretty!!!

No one was really here, and by that I mean it was a ghost town Vegas addition, usually the streets are packed full, and there’s crazy music on every corner. The streets were basically empty, which if you’ve ever been to Vegas, you’d understand that’s really weirdo!! But also amazing!! Because I really got to experience the beauty of the city for what it really was, instead of a bunch of noisy people bustling around.

Overall it’s an amazing first day!!! I’m laying in bed relaxing, looking at this amazing view (I’ll post it in the next blog post) listening to relaxing music and writing this for you guys, and I honestly couldn’t have wished for anything else! This is just the first ‘day’ and it’s already been amazing, and tiresome. So that’s all for now, I hope you enjoyed reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it, and if you got this far I apologize for it being an entire novels length!

Meilleurs voeux


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