Just a quick life update for my two best friends, and anyone else who would like to read…

So, I have been crazy busy with the first semester of college! I mean honestly, I cant believe i’m 16 and in college, that’s crazy to me, and super stressful. That is why I haven’t spend anytime blogging, I have been wanting to but life has just been so so so crazy. Also disorganized, dysfunctional, and quite honestly BORING!  Anyways this is the update I have for all of you..

I FINALLY got a bookcase in my room, it has been a while that I’ve been wanting one, and I finally got it about two weeks ago. Since I live in a tiny house it also doubles as my computer stand; Which is really nice because before I didn’t have any room for my mouse/keyboard and now I do. It was a problem because trying to blog, or do anything really was such a challenge, but its fixed now and I promise I’ll start blogging more.

I’ve gone vegan! and let me tell you, it’s such a challenge, and I keep having slip ups. Everyone always talks about how amazing going vegan really is, and how it benefits them,but they never talk about how difficult it is in the beginning. The reason i’m vegan is not only moral, but I also have a few health problems that led me to the decision of veganism. More on that later though.

Lastly, I’M GOING TO VEGAS BABY!!!!! I know, I know! I haven’t had a trip in a while, but this month is full of traveling, and new adventures with friends and family, and honestly I can’t wait!!! I’m going to Vegas for my !17th! birthday. I have been about 4 times already, but each time I go it’s even more amazing then the last, and this time, you guys get to experience it with me! Because…….. I am here by swearing to blog everyday i’m in Vegas. I will upload pictures, and talk about my day and the thought that were running through my mind! This is mostly for me, because I am notorious for forgetting my adventures. Every time I’ve been to Vegas, I look back and I remember most of what I’ve done, but I can’t remember in what order, or my thoughts during the day. I look back on pictures and go “Did I really wear that?” or “Oh right, that was an amazing memory.” This next trip I want to remember it all! But it is also for you guys, my readers, because I want you to be able experience this adventure with me. I leave on Thursday the 9th and return Saturday the 11th, so basically its a two day trip, but trust me there will be lots of pictures, and thoughts. I won’t be lacking when it comes to blog posts!!!!

Anyways so that’s a little life update for everyone, hope you enjoyed it!

Meilleurs voeux


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