Common Core

SOOO school is something we all must attend and go through & for tonight’s writing I am reflecting on my own personal thoughts and opinions on the school system we hold today. What I have to say may be agreed with or totally disagreed with & with that being said, I’m very interested in reading what others think about this topic & my opinions!!

I guess writing about my passion to teach brought out the idea to share with you my real opinions, strong ideas & a philosophy I would like to follow & achieve as I pursue my career in education, soo… here goes nothing!!

When I think of “What Philosophy of Teaching Will I Follow?” my mind, and heart automatically go to, “What will my students want, and need my philosophy of teaching to be?” Just by this statement it’s clear to see I am a progressivism. As for me, I believe that students do need a “Core Common Knowledge,” but do not need to be taught what we call “Common Core” today. Personally I’ve watched the effects, and challenges common core has developed. I am also currently living through the effects of common core, for I am a student. As a student myself common core has had little effect on me, but for someone like one of my loved ones, who has a degree of autism, it has affected them everyday.

What I believe to be the faults of Common Core are the ways the school system comes around to them. In the school system it seems to be all about, “will you know this for the test?” or the student asking, “will this even be on the test?” As a student we shouldn’t be learning to the test rather we should be learning how to become a critical thinker. How many of us actually remember all the formulas a math teacher persisted we know? Yes of course, we may have crammed them in our brain for a test and remembered them, but now some, 6 years later, we do not hold a capacity for these formulas that have had little to no meaning to us; the students. I believe the best learning will happen when a connection between life, and education come together.

With that being said, teaching cannot be seen as a ‘job’ or ‘chore’ but rather a passion, something you wake up and look forward to doing everyday. Clearly if a teacher feels this way, it will rub off and spread to their students, (obviously somedays we just don’t want to get out of bed, and of course I get that!) The problem in the school system is not only the teachers, and whether or not they have passion for teaching, but also the teachers ‘guidelines’ that they are given to teach; common core.

Now, although I do not agree that we should teach through the guidelines of, ‘common core’, I do believe it’s very logical, responsible & important to have a set of primary ‘Core common knowledge’ for all students to have. For example, all students in the 1st grade should have a baseline of skills learned & practiced, but how they learn these skills should depend on the student, not on how the government or state wants them thinking or learning. A lot of times today, teachers will say, “don’t use your fingers to count!” To me this is a red flag, if the student learns best and most confident by using their fingers than they should have the freedom to do so. Every student has the ability to think and learn differently and we should embrace that.

Along with labeling myself a progressivism I also view myself to be a supporter of ‘passing the poutan.’ I believe this to be a smart move for us as a country because ‘advancing’ or ‘changing’ what a 1st grader should know now (making it more advanced) makes no sense…we cannot change the development of a child’s brain!! Personally I do not remember what I learned in elementary school besides the obvious and most important basics, including counting, reading & writing skills. But now students who are in elementary and middle school are learning these basic skills but having set ‘guidelines’ of how they come upon these problems and solve them.

Frankly our generations are not getting smarter in fact all of our country’s biggest achievements happened years ago… in other words the generations are not growing stronger or developing better with common core (in my opinion of course). The older generations are equally as smart or even smarter than us, the children of today. Yeah, maybe they don’t remember what the equation for solving X is but how often do they need to use this equation today or since then? And maybe at my age they did recognize and know this equation but soon it became a faint memory? My point is, I strongly believe the school system is mostly all about memorization. Children’s development is going to stay remotely the same; considering the human brain learns and develops through the same development stages it did 100 years ago, yet be different child to child. So why try to ‘speed’ up the process? Why was changing the school system so important – especially when their was no need for change? Why are we forcing our children to learn the way others think they should learn? Why can’t children progress and learn at a reasonable speed? I believe we need to go back to the way school was and get rid of ‘common core’ standards, this will give our teachers and students the creativity and confidence in learning & thinking they need to strive in the classroom.

“Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn.”

Be Back Soon, XOXOXOX



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