My Chosen Path

I still remember my favorite childhood game, all my build a bears gathered up around my dark wood table, the smell of old books and crayons filling the air, my mother’s high heels stuffed with my tiny feet, the fake coffee in my ‘coffee mug’, and the smiles and laughter I continuously had. It’s true, I was a child who grew up ‘teaching’ her stuffed animals & this is where I like to believe one of my callings came to pursue becoming a teacher.

My passion for teaching didn’t begin by teaching my build a bears, that would just be silly; my passion for teaching began with someone very close to me… and for this writing to keep him/her anonymous I will disguise them with the name Will...

Will was born with complications and some unique problems that never could be determined. The only answer the doctors could come up with were Will either had, a slight learning disability of some sort, or some form of autism.

If you met Will today, you would never assume he had the slightest difference between a suggested ‘normal’ person and himself, but when he’s in the classroom the difference is obvious. The difference is that Will cannot learn as fast or as much as the average student should be able too, and this can often be fixed by putting the student in a special ed class but Will is far too advanced for that. The results of this are very encouraging but it’s also very problematic. You see, Will is on the fine line between being a special ed student, and a suggested ‘normal’ student causing a lot of stress on him and loved ones around him.

For example, Will’s homework assignments can take up to 3-5 hours each… and after all that he still most likely doesn’t even understand much of what he just did. Thankfully Will is very lucky to have a super helpful and supportive family, besides all of  them constantly doing his work with him throughout the week, they always tell him he is ‘smart’ he just faces more obstacles than the average student. The biggest thing I’ve learned about working with Will is that, once he feels ‘stupid’ or ‘embarrassed’ no growth will occur, he will just shut down.

Something I always have haunting me in the back of my mind is the hard, painful fact that there are children out there that don’t have any advocates for them, the ones that don’t get the outside help they deserve, or don’t even get the inside help they need. With that being said, Will has had many, many amazing and passionate teachers, who Will absolutely adores. But, Will has also had teachers who don’t care…

I say this because it’s obvious that some teachers view their career as a job, and that is all, while truly inspiring teachers view their career as not a job but their passion, their purpose for life. & that is exactly what I want in my life, I want to be an advocate for children, I am willing to put in the extra hours and effort to help my students become the best they can be.

Choosing the path I wanted simply came down to me, and who I am. I knew that I would not be happy or successful if  I didn’t choose the most fulfilling path for my life. I would never be happy with my life if I woke up every morning thinking “Ugh it’s time for work”. & to be truthful the whole point in life isn’t to work, the whole point in life is to be happy, be surrounded by loved ones, live life to the fullest, and create a life worth living. I won’t wake up every morning saying I have to go to work, but rather get up every morning saying I get to go to work. I’m one of the lucky ones that has the opportunity to create my passion into a dream. The amount of hard work, passion, commitment, desire, dedication, and love I have for accomplishing this career will push me to someday teach children how to read, write, love and strive. 

I didn’t have to go looking for my passion, it came looking for me…

Be back soon, XOXOXOX






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