A memory

I have so many memories about my two best friends that I could share with you. We have had so many adventures in the past 14 years we’ve known each other, and we have so many more new and exciting adventures ahead of us. For now, though, I’m going to tell you about the day I knew in my heart that with these two people in my life, I would never be bored.

I honestly can’t remember when this all started, when ‘The game’ became a thing, but I am so glad it did.

It was a normal summer morning. The parents had gone to work, and we were alone in the house of possibilities. The kitchen smelt of fluffy pancakes, with warm butter and syrup. The music was on full blast playing S.O.S. by Rihanna and of course all three of us were dancing and singing along. There was only one thing I wanted to do that day, and without even asking I already knew they wanted to do it as well. That day, we would play The game.

The game isn’t like anything you’ve ever played before. What we did, was pretend that we own businesses and play like we were in our own little world, but it was more than just pretending to us, it was real.

Makayla was always the banker, she would give us our paychecks for the week (Made out of paper money of course). We wanted it to be so real, we would use the cat door as the teller window. Sometimes she would be the post office and write our daily news for us. She would deliver our mail back and forth from bedroom to bedroom, because those were our “Apartments”.

Georgia was usually the restaurant, she would make us food, and hot drinks for our morning walks to work. At night she was the bartender, we’d get fancy cups and make lemonade, because after a long day of work you just need to go relax and have a drink with the girls, talk about your stressful workday. She was also the store, so if we needed paper, or pencils, we would go shopping.

I was always the masseuse.  I would set up a station in the closet (it was the only dark room in the house) I would get lotions, and body scrubs. I would get different things depending on the treatment. If you wanted a warm massage, hot rocks and warm towels. The tropical one, I would make the room smell like fruit, and would use a spray bottle so it seemed as if there was a tropical rainstorm, sometimes I would even give them face treatments and make home-made masks.

Playing this game, was the most fun I’ve had throughout the years. Its provided me with some of the best memories that I will always be able to look back on. I am so grateful for my friends, without them I wouldn’t be who I am today. They are the most creative people I know. They brought out the creative side in me, a side I didn’t even know I had. This game as taught me that having an imagination as a kid is a great thing, but when you grow ‘old’ its good to keep that imagination with you, and to never stop imaging a better world for yourself and the people around you.

Meilleurs voeux


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