Let me introduce myself…

This is so exciting and so NERVE WRACKING…. I’ve always loved writing and expressing myself whether it’s been through dance, my personal thoughts, or diary writings, though never did I think I would actually share my words of life with you guys; BUT HERE I AM! Wow… I guess I should’ve began by formally introducing myself, Hi I’m Makayla, I love God, my family, dancing, fashion, coffee, reading, working out, my besties Georgia and Lily (you should really get to know them they are AMAZING), music, my dog, jewelry, and of course my “simple” life including all its ups & downs. Now, back to what brought me here, so like I was trying to jump right into… I want to be someone who you can laugh at, cry with, and agree to disagree with. I promise to hold nothing back, to be real and share every thought and moment I believe to be worthy of your guys’ time. The fact that you are even taking the time to read this makes me smile. And even if nobody in the world reads this I don’t care!!! I mean I do.. I want to help better people’s lives with my words and experiences, but ultimately this is a big step for me and I am beyond happy I am allowing myself to share myself with the rest of the world… or maybe nobody at all. All these crazy ups and downs, twist and turns, and life experiences have to be worth something right? So here I am creating something out of nothing.

Be back soon, XOXOX


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